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Dental plaque

Dental plaque is a sticky film which permanently develops on all teeth surfaces. It is composed of bacteria, food particles and dried saliva.

Dental prophylaxis

Only with a consistent prophylaxis can you prevent damages, save treatment costs and avoid toothache.

Dental Cleaning

Prophylaxis is the basis for the health of your teeth and mouth. With our help and the practice of oral hygiene at home, you can provide the best conditions for maintaining healthy teeth. Your responsible contribution is essential since the prophylaxis team and the patient can only achieve their aim when working together.


Air-Flow® is a gentle and effective method to remove stainings and dental plaque. A mixture of water and flavoured salts (air abrasion tool) cleans the teeth and interdental space painlessly. For beautiful white teeth!

Tooth Sealing

Although the toothbrush cleans well over flat areas,deep pits and fissures are difficult to clean. Even with good oral hygiene, it may happen that food scraps and cariogenic bacteria remain in the tooth chewing surface. Especially for children, these areas are most at risk of caries. Therefore, fissured teeth should be sealed as soon as possible.


Besides a consistent oral hygiene and balanced diet, the use of fluorides is the most important method in preventing cavities. Fluorides can be applied in different forms, whether at home or at the dentist. Some years ago, only the fluoride contained during the tooth formation was considered to be important. Nowadays, we know that the fluorides affecting the tooth surface after dentition have a cavity-protective effect as well.