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Ozone therapy

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  • Ozone therapy

Many bacterial diseases of the mouth, e.g. caries, periodontitis, wound healing disorders as well as aphthae and herpes, can be treated with ozone, (O3, or trioxygen) completely painlessly.

Ozone is one of the most powerful natural oxidizing agents. It kills bacteria, disinfects, stops bleeding and stimulates wound healing. In nature, ozone (O3) occurs from atmospheric oxygen (O2). It develops as a result of ultraviolet light (sun) or electric spark discharge (thunderstorm, lightning) from air oxygen. In medicine, a special device generates a mini thunderstorm in a flask and ozone occurs at the end of the flask. Being a gas, ozone is able to infiltrate the tissues, the smallest fissures, wounds and gum pockets. Painlessly and without side effects.