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Besides a consistent oral hygiene and balanced diet, the use of fluorides is the most important method in preventing cavities. Fluorides can be applied in different forms, whether at home or at the dentist. Some years ago, only the fluoride contained during the tooth formation was considered to be important. Nowadays, we know that the fluorides affecting the tooth surface after dentition have a cavity-protective effect as well.

Cavities are caused by microorganisms (Streptococcus Mutans bacteria) combined with an inadequate oral hygiene and abundance of sugars in food. In addition to these main factors, there are also other factors which contribute to the buildup of dental cavities.

With the knowledge we possess today, it is possible both to prevent dental cavities and to bring already existing, less distinctive carious lesions to a halt. The most important method to prevent dental cavities is local fluoridation with varnishes or gels.