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Periodontitis side effects

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  • Periodontitis side effects

Erkrankungen des Zahnhalteapparates können durch Allgemeinerkrankungen, Streß, Rauchen, Mangelernährung, Viaminmangel gefördert werden. Umgekehrt wird auch ein Zusammenhang von entzündlichen Erkrankungen des Zahnhalteapparates und Diabetes, Rhaumatischen Erkrankungen, Herterkrankungen, Schlaganfällen und Fehlgeburten,geringem Geburtsgewicht, und weiterer Störungen berichtet.

What is a periodontal disease?
Periodontitis is not gum disease (gingivitis), but an inflammation of the entire periodontium. And a widespread disease.

Because the definition of disease and severity is not uniform, different numbers circulate. However, leading researchers today assume that eight million people, or about ten percent of the German population, have severe periodontitis requiring treatment.

Also, a connection between inflammation of the periodontium and diabetes, rhaumatic diseases, heart disease, strokes and miscarriage, low birth weight in infants is discussed again and again.

Periodontitis and diabetes. And, diseases of the periodontium can be promoted by general conditions, stress, smoking, malnutrition.  

It has been proven that there is a connection between periodontitis and diabetes. The special thing is the interaction: diabetics are three times as likely to develop periodontitis as non-diabetics. In addition, periodontal disease may worsen blood glucose levels, and diabetes may aggravate the course of periodontitis.What do diabetics have to consider?

The cause of this dangerous interaction is the inflammation: The bacteria in the periodontal pockets pass through the bloodstream into the body and can release inflammatory substances there.

Also discussed is an association with overweight (obesity), atherosclerosis, premature birth, rheumatoid arthritis, lung disease or cancer.

Although a connection between periodontitis and the occurrence of strokes or coronary heart disease has long been assumed. But whether one thing causes the other is unclear. Conversely, if periodontal therapy reduces the risk of arteriosclerosis, it is an open question. Doctors have found that periodontitis can increase the risk of premature birth: in 1996, a US study caused a great stir, which is controversial, however, the results are the risk of premature birth in periodontitis patients increased up to seven times.

Obesity and periodontitis

A relationship between obesity and parrodontitis is also suspected. In addition, diabetes can be responsible for more severe dental bed problems in very fat people. And so it is with other suspected contexts: Often, other causes are so strong that the influence of periodontitis is difficult to filter out.