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  • Gingivitis

Red, swollen and easily bleeding gums are the classic signs of gingivitis or gum inflammation. This infection caused by bacteria is contagious. At an advanced stage, it can attack the entire periodontium and the bones (periodontitis). In addition to this, the bacteria responsible for gingivitis also increase the risk of heart attack, diabetes and abortion.

Healthy gums are pale pink in colour, firm, and they never bleed. Gum inflammation is relatively common. The main symptoms are red, swollen and bleeding gums. This disease is caused by bacteria which multiply due to inadequate oral hygiene, unbalanced diet or weak body’s defence mechanisms.

Inflammations that last longer can affect the entire periodontium. The bones around the teeth may break down and gums and bones may shrink. The teeth may become loose which may lead to tooth loss. It has been proven that gum inflammations increase the risk of heart attack, diabetes and abortion.