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Bone augmentation, Periodontology

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  • Bone augmentation, Periodontology

In Periodontolgy severe advanced bone loss endangeres tooth , orla but also generell physical health.

The goal is to rebuild lost tooth retaining tissue as part of a systematic periodontal treatment. Lost bone can be built up with autologous bone in combination with artificial bones, membranes and possibly Emdogain ° (Straumann).

For bone augmentation after periodontitis, the intrinsic bone and bone replacement material is filled into the, primarily cleaned and desinfected bone pocket during a surgical procedure.

Over time, the foreign material is resorbed and replaced by the body's own bone.

The formation of new bone and periodontium is stimulated with Emdogain®. It is based on the discovery of enamel matrix proteins. (Emdogain, Straumann, CH)

For larger periodontal defects, the regeneration of new bone with guided tissue regeneration (GTR) and the application of regenerative materials, e.g. Emdogain®, promoted in combination with artificial bone and membranes.

The application of Emdogain® to the cleaned root surface of the periodontally diseased tooth supports the regeneration of the periodontium, which includes the cementum, the periodontal ligament and the alveolar bone.

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