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Red, swollen and easily bleeding gums are the classic signs of gingivitis or gum inflammation. This infection caused by bacteria is contagious. At an advanced stage, it can attack the entire periodontium and the bones (periodontitis). In addition to this, the bacteria responsible for gingivitis also increase the risk of heart attack, diabetes and abortion.


Periodontitis is the primary cause of tooth loss in adults. It is mainly caused by bacteria in dental plaque. In the early stages, it is mostly painless. The early symptoms of periodontitis are bleeding and shrinking gums and the loosening of teeth. You should visit your dentist regularly to maintain healthy gums and, if necessary, to detect and treat gum disease.

Bone augmentation, Periodontology

In Periodontolgy severe advanced bone loss endangeres tooth , orla but also generell physical health.

Periodontitis side effects

Erkrankungen des Zahnhalteapparates können durch Allgemeinerkrankungen, Streß, Rauchen, Mangelernährung, Viaminmangel gefördert werden. Umgekehrt wird auch ein Zusammenhang von entzündlichen Erkrankungen des Zahnhalteapparates und Diabetes, Rhaumatischen Erkrankungen, Herterkrankungen, Schlaganfällen und Fehlgeburten,geringem Geburtsgewicht, und weiterer Störungen berichtet.