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Teeth changing phase is an stressful time. Gaps between teeth or braces are often considered to be uncool and a big stress for children. At this stage, the existing primary teeth and the permanent teeth, which have just broken through and are extremely vulnerable, should be looked after even more carefully than usually, especially if oral hygiene becomes more difficult due to fixed or removable braces.

In „Articles“ section you can find an interactive diagram on exfoliation. Up to the 12th year, there is a permanent coming and going of old and new teeth. At this stage, it is essential to see the dentist regularly to detect defective position of jaws and teeth or cavities in the very beginning. Important parts of the prevention concept are - prophylaxis - instructing the patient on correct brushing techniques - tooth floss or special interdental brushes - fissures sealing - fluoridation - instructing parents and children about healthy eating.

At this age, orthopaedic treatments can be carried out or started, if necessary. Dentition times: 1. big back tooth - 5th-7th year middle incisor - 6th-7th year side incisor - 7th-9th year 1. small back tooth - 9th-12th year canine tooth - 9th-12th year 2. small back tooth - 9th-12th year 2. big back tooth - 11th-14th year wisdom teeth - from the 16th year