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Kindergarten age

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  • Kindergarten age

Between three and six years, both the parents and the dentist should teach the child correct tooth brushing and healthy eating and bring thumb-sucking to an end.

In „articles“ you can find an interactive diagram on exfoliation. Healthy primary teeth are essential for many reasons. They guarantee correct biting and chewing, are essential for the development of speech and serve as place holders for later permanent teeth. And last but not least, they are important for the child’s social integration in the group for aesthetic reasons.

If primary teeth become carious, this affects the permanent teeth, too. If primary back teeth fall out too early, first permanent back tooth (molars) break through too far in the front restricting space for the others. This can only be avoided by using a gap holder early enough. Otherwise, a complex and expensive orthopaedic treatment may be necessary at a later stage.

Thumb sucking is another reason of the defective position of jaws and teeth which is often underestimated. It is responsible for jaw and teeth abnormality. Speaking, swallowing and breathing may be impeded, the breathing air is not warmed and moistened properly. This may lead to chronic diseases of the respiratory tract like cough, cold or bronchitis.