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How to prepare the first visit to the dentist

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  • How to prepare the first visit to the dentist

How do i prepare my child for ist first visit to the Dentist. Most important: do only tell positive things, in simple encouraging words to awake the childs natural curiosity.

Brushing teeth and the first visit to the dentist cannot be started early enough.

We recommend that you and your child come to our dental practice for the first time at the age of two. When children have unpleasant or painful experiences during their first visit to the dentist, it usually affects their whole life.
Therefore it is important that the first appointment is very positive, without stress or fear. Here at the Munich Schwabing Dental Practice we do everything to make your child's first visit to the dentist a pleasant experience for your child.

It has proven itself that you prepare your child lovingly in the run-up to the first dentist appointment. Your behaviour is crucial for your child's future attitude to dentistry.

Practice "showing each other's teeth" beforehand, at home, within the family.

The child should first be able to get used to us, to our premises, to the practice itself and to the dentists and gain their trust.

How to make your first visit to the dentist ?

One or both parents should be present at the first visit. He or she should not be afraid of the dentist. Children are very sensitive and feel the fear and insecurity, even if they are not talking about it as adults.
Explain to your child from the first appointment with the dentist in simple, positive words what will happen.
And please as if it were something quite commonplace.

For example: "Tomorrow we go to Mrs Alexandra Beau. She's a dentist. She looks at my and at your beautiful teeth.
Then we count the teeth together to see if everyone is there." Promises of gifts or benefits in connection with a visit to us may lead your child to suspect that something unpleasant will happen. So it is better to omit all "rewards".
Please avoid words, phrases and expressions like these at all costs:
  • "Don't be afraid! It doesn't hurt!"
  • "You just have to be brave for a minute!"
They only fuel any concerns or fears. Your child is not preloaded and does not expect a visit to the dentist to be unpleasant.

If you have any questions about how to optimally prepare your child for the first appointment with the dentist,
we look forward to your call or e-mail.
We are happy to advise you in our dental practice in Schwabing.