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Expectant mothers

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Women should begin with the prophylaxis during the pregnancy. A pregnant woman should see her dentisttwo or three times in order to detect possible teeth or gum diseases at an early stage.

During the pregnancy, the tissue around the teeth is also better supplied with blood and slightly swollen. It starts to bleed easily and pseudo pockets may develop. The salivation is reduced and the saliva is concentrated, as a result its rinsing function decreases. To avoid the build-up of cavities and periodontitis you should brush your teeth after every meal, eat healthy and have dental cleanings regularly (each three months).

The fact that dental caries can be contagious was scientifically proved years before. The mouth of a newborn is free of bacteria. Bacteria only start to find a hold in the child’s mouth after it was infected by parents or other people (kissing, licking up spoons etc....). Parents, brothers and sisters should therefore think about dental prophylaxis to avoid transmitting of bacteria leading to dental caries and periodontal disease.