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Healthy milk teeth are the basis for healthy permanent teeth which will serve you for your lifetime. That’s why even babies and small children should visit a dentist regularly.

In „articles“ you can find an interactive diagram on exfoliation. By the moment of the birth, all the primary teeth are already established although they cannot be seen. The are also referred to as milk teeth due to their milk-like colour. Even though they remain in the child’s mouth only for a limited period of time, they play an important role and should therefore be looked after just as carefully as permanent teeth. The teeth start to develop already in the sixth week of pregnancy.

At birth, 20 milk teeth are already developed and permanent back teeth, front teeth and canine teeth buds are in the baby‘s mouth. When the child is about 6-8 months old, the primary teeth start to come through the gums. At the age of 2.5 years, all the primary teeth are in the mouth. Even the primary teeth should be cared for from the very first day. In the beginning, they should be brushed with a cotton swab and then with a special age appropriate tooth brush. Children should get used to regular visits to the dentist as soon as possible. After the first teeth come through, bi-annual check-ups are reasonable.