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Parents and Children

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Expectant mothers

Women should begin with the prophylaxis during the pregnancy. A pregnant woman should see her dentisttwo or three times in order to detect possible teeth or gum diseases at an early stage.

Babies and little children

Healthy milk teeth are the basis for healthy permanent teeth which will serve you for your lifetime. That’s why even babies and small children should visit a dentist regularly.

Kindergarten age

Between three and six years, both the parents and the dentist should teach the child correct tooth brushing and healthy eating and bring thumb-sucking to an end.

School children, teens

Teeth changing phase is an stressful time. Gaps between teeth or braces are often considered to be uncool and a big stress for children. At this stage, the existing primary teeth and the permanent teeth, which have just broken through and are extremely vulnerable, should be looked after even more carefully than usually, especially if oral hygiene becomes more difficult due to fixed or removable braces.

How to prepare the first visit to the dentist

How do i prepare my child for ist first visit to the Dentist. Most important: do only tell positive things, in simple encouraging words to awake the childs natural curiosity.

Diagram dentition

Diagram Dentition, interactiv