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  • Sinuslift, Bone augmentation

Sinus lift is also called sinus floor elevation after Geistlich in the dental jargon. Basically there are two techniques of sinus lift available.
Sinus lift in implantology:
The sinus lift is a special form of vertical bone augmention in the upper jaw. In the upper jaw tooth region, the bone height due to bone loss and extensive maxillary sinus is often so small that an implant can not be inserted in sufficient length and thus stably. By incorporating bone or bone regeneration material into the maxillary sinus floor, it is lifted to the hight  that implants can be safely anchored.
What happens with a sinus lift?
There is a one-step procedure, in which the implantation takes place simultaneously  and a two-step procedure, in which we introduce the implants only after ingrowth of the bone.
A distinction is made between the internal and external sinus lift. In the inner, internal , sinuslift the sinus membran is lifted through the implants drill hole. Bone material inserted and softly pushed up into the sinus base, thus lifting gently the lower sinus Membran and thereby gaining bone hight.  A relatively simple and very gentle procedure for the patient.
In contrary, for an outer, external,  sinus lift, a bone window to the antrum is prepared from the oral cavity. Through this approach, the maxillary sinus mucosa, comparable to the inner skin of an egg, is released from the floor of the antrum. Bone or a mixture with bone regeneration material is then introduced under visualization into this isolated cavity.
Both techniques use artificial and own bones. Often also in conjunction with an artificial membrane to protect the built-up bone
Which method do we use?
The remaining height of the residual bone in the upper jaw is decisively responsible for the choice of technique and the time of implantation.
With a residual bone height of 6-12 mm, the internal sinus lift can be performed with immediate implantation.
At lower residual bone height, the lateral, lateral window technique is more promising.
Whether a simultaneous or later implantation is possible, we decide together with the patient in a personal consultation.
If you have questions about the possibilities of building up a bone, we are happy to be available for a discussion.