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Dental implants are artificial tooth roots which are placed within the jaw bone and carry removable or fixed dentures. The are usually made of titanium, ceramics or a combination of both materials. The part of the implant that is fixed within the bone mostly looks like a screw or cylinder.

First of all, on the basis of mouldings and X-ray images the position of the future implant and its size are determined. The jaw bone is uncovered under local anaesthetics. Then, the implant base which exactly fits the form of the implant is carefully placed into the bone.

The implant is then put inside and mucosa is sutured. During the healing phase that mostly lasts 2-6 months, the bone grows on to the surface of the implant. In this time, it shouldn’t be loaded. Modern implants which can be loaded immediately have not yet been proven successful in all cases so that they cannot be recommended generally by now.

After the healing phase, the implant is uncovered and the implant post which later carries the denture is screwed into the prepared screw thread. Dental implants can serve as a basis for individual crowns, fixed bridges or removable dentures. Basically, an implantation is connected with the same risks as every other dental surgery procedure. Damages on blood vessels may cause bleedings..

Careful planning of the procedure can considerably reduce the risk of nerve damages. However, it cannot be ruled out completely at particular spots. In rare cases, inflammations of the implant base may occur which may lead to the loss of the implant. After an adequate period of time, however, it is possible to place a new implant at the same spot.