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  • Veneers Munich - Dentist Munich
  • Veneers Munich - Dentist Munich

Veneers, no-prep veneers and micro veneers are very thin tooth-coloured ceramic shells which are placed over a tooth surface completely painlessly. The form and colour of the teeth can be designed in compliance with your desire. Veneers will make your smile perfect..

Veneers in Munich - professional advice and treatment

You don’t like the colour or the form of your teeth any more? Broken edges, uneven teeth, too dark or stained enamel, gaps - veneers provide a solution to all of these problems. Veneers are very thin ceramic layers which are cemented onto the surface of teeth.

Veneers can make your smile bright in an instant just as you have always wished. Veneers are placed over the teeth surface painlessly. The teeth don’t need to be ground and the patient doesn’t need an injection. First of all, we will fabricate a model to prepare plastic layers which you will try on. Then, together with a dental technician you can choose the future colour and form of your permanent ceramic veneers.