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Dental Aesthetics

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Tooth reshaping

Filling gaps between teeth, reshaping out of proportion teeth, e.g. peg-shaped teeth, improving discoloured or uneven teeth surface is not a problem due to modern adhesive techniques and specially designed Composites.

Veneers Munich - Dentist Munich

Veneers, no-prep veneers and micro veneers are very thin tooth-coloured ceramic shells which are placed over a tooth surface completely painlessly. The form and colour of the teeth can be designed in compliance with your desire. Veneers will make your smile perfect..

Aligner, invisibel orthodontic treatment with Invisalign°

Uneven teeth, bite problems? A beautiful smile enhances your attractivity. Misaligned teeth make you less attractive. Applying an occlusal aligner correct the position of the front teeth even in adulthood. At any age! It is invisible and it doesn’t disturb you when speaking. Aligners make your Frontteeth straight .Simply and invisibly. We are the Specialists you are looking for !


A beautiful bright smile can become even more sparkling with a jewel bonded to a tooth. Small stones or metal jewels are suitable for this. The teeth are not damaged since the jewel is bonded to the tooth surface without grinding. It can also be removed any time.