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Partial Crown

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  • Partial Crown, Onlay, Overlay

A partial crown replaces only parts of the tooth, as the name implies.Common materials are metals, usually Gold,or tooth-colored materials, usually ceramic.

A partial crown replaces only parts of the tooth, as the name implies. It does not cover the entire tooth, like a full crown would do. A partial crown is also called onlay or overlay. Great advantages of a partial crown: Only the damaged areas of the tooth are replaced. Healthy parts remain intact and untouched.

A partial crown is necessary when extensive defects of the tooth can no longer be treated with a filling. This is the case for instance if more than one third of the width of the tooth is affected, or if entire cuspules are lost or cracked.

And a crown can also be indicated if large areas inside the tooth are undermined. A partial crown, as well as the full crown,is manufactured in a dental laboratory, outside the mouth. This can be done via CAD-CAM, Computer, milling techniques, or conventionally by a dental technician who manually molds the crown. Common materials are metals, usually gold, or tooth-colored materials, usually ceramic.

Since the workpieces are manufactured in a laboratory, the treatment is divided into two steps. The first treatment session consists of preparation, physical Impression or digital scan, provisional restoration and protection of the remaining healthy tooth for approximately ten days. The second treatment session then encompasses fitting and fixation of the metal or ceramic restoration. All these steps will be done with local anesthesia.