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  • Bridges
  • Bridges
  • Bridges

Basically, gaps between teeth can be treated in various ways. A bridge is the most common method. Adjacent teeth are used as bridge abutments and absent teeth are bridged - just like a motorway or a railway bridge.

A bridge fills a  gap of one or up to 3 Teeth. The Bridge is fixed on the adjacent  teeth,  at least one, at both sides of the gap. They serve as bridge anchors and are also referred to as abutment teeth. They receive crowns which are attached to pontics replacing the missing teeth. 

Not only do bridges restore the aesthetic appearance and chewing and speaking function but also they are often necessary to stabilise an interrupted row of teeth and prevent the teeth from moving.

They can be made of metal, Gold, or, mainly, for estetic Reasons, of  a metal frame with  ceramic blinding. 
in case of missing anchor teeth it is, today, possible to use artificial tooth roots as abutments implants.