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Crowns and Bridges

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Individual crowns can be fabricated from metal, in most cases gold, from metal covered with tooth-coloured plastic or ceramic, or completely metal-free from ceramic only. Although dentists and insurance funds consider crowns as a kind of dentures, a crown doesn’t substitute a tooth. It is supposed to restore the tooth anatomically and functionally correctly.

Partial Crown, Onlay, Overlay

A partial crown replaces only parts of the tooth, as the name implies.Common materials are metals, usually Gold,or tooth-colored materials, usually ceramic.


Basically, gaps between teeth can be treated in various ways. A bridge is the most common method. Adjacent teeth are used as bridge abutments and absent teeth are bridged - just like a motorway or a railway bridge.

Marylandbridges, adhesive Bridge

Adhesive bridge, also known as Maryland bridge, is a bonded bridge to replace one missing tooth. Usually it is used primarily for anterior teeth or bicuspids when an implant is not possible or wanted.Previously it was made with a metal Frame, today predominantly of all-ceramic.