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Tooth sealing

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The most frequent type of dental caries among children are cavities on the chewing surfaces of back teeth. Sealing pits and fissures is a protective treatment applied on locations which are especially at risk for the formation of decay. By bonding liquid plastic, the grooves on the chewing surface of a tooth can be sealed. This method has been proven to be effective by scientific studies. Not only children but also adults can benefit from this. Healthy permanent back teeth can be sealed this way, too.

Scientific analyses show that sealed teeth are protected from cavities. This applies not only for children. Grooves, pits and fissures on back teeth of adults provide good conditions for bacteria. Streptococci mutans and Lactobacilli are considered to be especially dangerous.

Therefore it is possible to seal up the teeth which are not yet infected with dental caries. Your dentist will apply liquid plastic which is made to last just as long as plastic used for fillings. This plastic adapts itself to the uneven tooth surface and seals it up. Additionally, it contains fluorides which harden enamel and kill bacteria.

Tooth sealing is a preventative treatment that doesn't’damage the teeth.