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Gold inlays

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A gold inlay can meet the highest demands in terms of safety, durability, fitting accuracy and tolerability. Gold inlays are suitable for all kinds of back teeth damages. The are cemented to the prepared tooth with special adhesive.

Gold inlays are the most long-living and biologically efficient alternative to fillings as many years of experience show. However, there are many different opinions about the aesthetics of gold. Let your dentist show your which tooth surfaces are supposed to be treated so that you can estimate the visibility of your future inlay.

After some special preparations which often include placing a base filling into the tooth, your dentist will make a precise mould of your tooth and you will get a temporary filling. Together with the results of a bite check, the mould will then be sent to the dental laboratory. By then at the latest you should let your dentist know if you have a metal allergy since it is never pure gold which is used for the inlays but alloys of gold and other noble and some base metals.