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Composite fillings

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  • Composite fillings
  • Composite fillings

Today, it is possible to repair teeth damages, caries broken teeth in an instant. The most modern way to apply tooth-coloured fillings is referred to as SDA technique (German: Schmelz-Dentin-Adhäsiv-Technik). The composite is glued both with dentine and with enamel. The dentine channels are sealed, the shrinking of plastic is reduced and the edges can be closed in the best possible way.

These fillings have many advantages. The allow not to damage hard dental substance since only carious substance is removed. Due to special adhesive agents the filling can be fixed on enamel and dentine both chemically and micro-mechanically.

This makes only small preparations necessary. However, this minimal invasive procedure demands much accuracy. Regarding the aesthetics, in the most cases modern composite systems are able to offer the right colour matching your teeth due to a great variety of colours. Additionally, it is possible to make your front teeth perfect by applying the multi-layer technique. As you can see, every filling can be individually adjusted to the colour and shape of your teeth. Compared to old plastics that only stuck to enamel, the new fillings are more durable and the tightness is enhanced.

Modern multi-layer and bonding techniques reduce shrinking

caused by material structure. The costs of this complex procedure and modern materials cannot be covered by compulsory health insurance funds completely. Your dentist can either offer you a fixed additional charge or make out a private invoice considering percentage of the costs covered by the insurance. Patients insured with private funds normally get this costs refunded.