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Ceramic inlays

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Ceramic inlays are appreciated for their perfect natural aesthetics. The inlay can be fitted to your natural tooth colour so that it is nearly invisible. Ceramic inlays are suitable for many kinds of damages of back teeth which have to stand the pressure of chewing. They are cemented to the tooth with special adhesive.

Ceramic inlays are now durable as gold inlays.

Ceramic inlays are the number one choice for patients who make high demands on the aesthetics and seek for a metal-free and tooth-coloured restoration solution. Due to constantly improved ceramics and adhesive agents, these inlays are now as durable as gold inlays.

At your first visit, the same preparations have to be done as when preparing a tooth for a gold inlay. The only exception is that your dentist has to mind even more details and of course choose the inlay colour. In some cases, it is necessary to take a picture of the tooth.

The placing of ceramic inlays takes more time as when placing gold inlays. Even small corrections of the inlay require the highest cautiousness. Besides, no convenient cement can be used for these purposes. Instead, your dentist will use adhesive systems with variously-coloured composite cements which is similar to preparing composite fillings mentioned above. It may require a new anaesthetic since the tooth has to be conditioned.

The hardening process is initiated by using a lamp with a specific wave length and it is additionally supported by chemical processes in cement. Then, the joints between the inlay and the tooth are polished and the last bite check is done. This complex technique guarantees the best possible result. In case of an inlay treatment, compulsory health insurances only refund the costs of a convenient filling.

First you will receive an individual cost schedule including the estimated inlay and laboratory price. Private patients should check out whether their insurance covers the chosen inlay treatment. In the most cases it does. Sometimes the costs of gold inlays can be refunded, ceramic inlays which demand more accuracy, however, cannot be refunded completely.