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Caries treatment

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Dental caries

Dental caries is also referred to as tooth decay and it is the most frequent human disease. Like the rotten spot on an apple, bacteries decay the dental structure.

Saliva test

The individual risk of caries and periodontitis can be detected via a saliva test. It allows to analyse saliva both quantitatively (amount) and qualitatively (buffering capacity). Besides, it can give an assessment of the amount and type of bacteria in saliva and in the mouth.

Tooth sealing

The most frequent type of dental caries among children are cavities on the chewing surfaces of back teeth. Sealing pits and fissures is a protective treatment applied on locations which are especially at risk for the formation of decay. By bonding liquid plastic, the grooves on the chewing surface of a tooth can be sealed. This method has been proven to be effective by scientific studies. Not only children but also adults can benefit from this. Healthy permanent back teeth can be sealed this way, too.

Composite fillings

Today, it is possible to repair teeth damages, caries broken teeth in an instant. The most modern way to apply tooth-coloured fillings is referred to as SDA technique (German: Schmelz-Dentin-Adhäsiv-Technik). The composite is glued both with dentine and with enamel. The dentine channels are sealed, the shrinking of plastic is reduced and the edges can be closed in the best possible way.

Ceramic inlays

Ceramic inlays are appreciated for their perfect natural aesthetics. The inlay can be fitted to your natural tooth colour so that it is nearly invisible. Ceramic inlays are suitable for many kinds of damages of back teeth which have to stand the pressure of chewing. They are cemented to the tooth with special adhesive.

Gold inlays

A gold inlay can meet the highest demands in terms of safety, durability, fitting accuracy and tolerability. Gold inlays are suitable for all kinds of back teeth damages. The are cemented to the prepared tooth with special adhesive.