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Bleaching, bleaching root canal treated teeth

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Bleaching, bleaching root canal treated teeth

Single Teeth can be bleached to. Espacially root canal treated teeth can sometimes change colour. If so, the tooth can be bleached from the inside out instead , as usual from extern.

Root Canal treated teeth  tend to get dark and unesthetic with the time. No Problem, theycan be brighten up from thesre inside. To be able to bleach a tooth internally we reopen the totth , using the original entry cavity. We remove the above part of the root filling.

The bleaching agent is placed inside and the tooth is temporarily closed. The bleaching agent is then changed every few days until the desired whitening effect is reached. The desired color achieved , we put an neutrilizing paste for approximateley 2 weeks in the tooth, before definitevily reclosng the totth with a perfect fitting composite restauration.