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Bleaching Munich

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Bleaching Munich - Bleaching individual teeth or rows of teeth

Bleaching is a general term for the chemical teeth brightening. It could be done at home (at-home bleaching) or at your dentist’s under professional survey (in-office bleaching). Many different methods can be chosen. However, it is only possible to brighten up natural teeth, or root canal treated teeth, while tooth crowns and fillings cannot be whitened.

Bleaching Munich

A bright smile and white teeth indicate health and vitality. Depending on the reason of discoloured teeth, different methods can be chosen. Stainings on the tooth surface which are caused by tea, coffee, red wine or smoking can be removed by having a professional dental cleaning. However, if there are some internal stains resulting from disease or using of particular drugs, whitening is only possible by using a bleaching agent. Generally, the following techniques are available:
  • 1. At-home bleaching . The teeth are bleached by using custom-made trays and bleaching gel. The disadvantage of this method is that it is less effective and the bleaching agent may leak in an uncontrolled manner.
  • 2. In-office bleaching is done in the practice under medical supervision. The bleaching agents applied for this method have a higher concentration and are more effective. With an appropriate bleaching agent no side effects are supposed to occur. In rare cases,temporary gum irritations or temperature sensitivity may occur. .
  • 3. Bleaching of root treated teeth is performed from the inside out. Bleaching gel is placed into the tooth and remains there for several days until the desired colour is achieved. It works!

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