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Sports mouthguard

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Not only boxers and hockey players should wear an athletic mouthguard. It also makes sense for footballers, handball players, in-line skaters or judokas. Up to 39 per cent of all teeth or mouth traumas happen in athletic activities. Many of them could have been prevented by wearing a mouthguard. Due to special fabrication techniques, mouthguards don’t disturb when breathing or speaking nor do they affect the athletic performance. Mouthguards are available in various colours or transparent, according to the patient’s wish.

Sports mouthguard: the air bag for your teeth. Active and sporty people have more fun. However, sports are constantly becoming faster and more dangerous. With modern sports equipment, athletes can quickly achieve high performance.

Those who invest in high-quality equipment should also think of their own safety. Today, every car has an air bag. In many sports, protective headgear, knee pads and elbow pads are a self-evident thing. However, many people forget to protect their teeth.

No matter if horseback riding, mountain biking, rollerblading or martial arts: even a slight strike can cause damage to the teeth and jaw. Apart from the pain, discomfort and possible aesthetic problems, the restoration can be an expensive and unpleasant thing. It’s on you not to let it occur. Individually manufactured and adjusted mouthguards can protect your teeth.