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Bite splints

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Jaw joint disorders

Structural and functional disorders of the jaw joint nad the system are generally referred to as temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders. This may imply clicking sounds, grinding, locking and pain in the masticatory system and the jaw joint.

Teeth grinding

Teeth grinding during sleep is often caused by stress and anxiety but it can also result from malocclusions. A bite splint protects the teeth from excessive abrasion and allows the muscles to relax.

Sports mouthguard

Not only boxers and hockey players should wear an athletic mouthguard. It also makes sense for footballers, handball players, in-line skaters or judokas. Up to 39 per cent of all teeth or mouth traumas happen in athletic activities. Many of them could have been prevented by wearing a mouthguard. Due to special fabrication techniques, mouthguards don’t disturb when breathing or speaking nor do they affect the athletic performance. Mouthguards are available in various colours or transparent, according to the patient’s wish.

Auxiliary therapies against tooth grinding

Tension headache, chipped off enamel, rough tooth edges. Teeth grinding is a common disease.