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Sensitive teeth?

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Sensitive teeth?

Do your teeth fell sensitive while having a cold or hot drink? Or while brushing ? Or inhaled on a cold day? If any of these situations sounds familiar, you probably have sensitive teeth. There are a few reasons for the discomfort. The root structure of one or more teeth are being exposed.

Normally covered by gum and bone tissue, this layer, called dentin, lies open, It contains many many tiny tubules , each of which is connected to the nerve ending. When these tubules are unprotected, for example by gum recession or enamel erosion, problems arise. Receding gums, tooth grinding, a diet high in acidic beverages or fruits, or aggressive brushing can all cause exposed dentin.
Anything with a high acid level like sodas, almost all juices, energy drinks, fruits like apples or oranges, can worsen enamel Erosion. Dentin can also become irritated if you overuse tooth-whitening agents, or smoker tooth paste, which contain harsh ingredients to take away stains. They can also thin the enamel layer around dentin, exposing the tender tubules.

To ease up the discomfort you can use specila tooth pastes or mouth wash for sensitive teeth. The ingrediants can seale the open tubules and thus ease the pain. For severe sensitivity, we can in our Office bond the problematic areas. This we do with a very fine varnish applied to the tooth . Or a coverage with a thin layer of composite.