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How to get rid of bad breath?

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How to get rid of bad breath?

Causes of bad breath
Bad breath is also referred to as halitosis. Bad breath can be measured by using a halimeter.

Local causes:
- In most cases (90 per cent) the reasons originate in the mouth itself
- poor oral hygiene, tongue coating
- bad dental condition (dental caries)
- smoking
- alkohol consumption
- dry mouth (very common in people whos jobs require them to talk constantly)
- inflammations of the periodontium (gingivitis, periodontitis)

Systemic causes:
- General diseases, e.g. Diabetes mellitus, acute or chronic renal failure, cirrhosis of the liver
- sulphur-containing medicaments

Possible external causes:
- smoking
- oral breathing
- insufficient fluid intake
- snore
- fasting
- dry mouth

How can I get rid of bad breath?

- use special tongue cleaners
- brush your teeth and tongue after every meal
- have regular dental cleanings at your dentist
- see your dentist for individual prophylaxis (oral hygiene advice, correct brushing etc.)
- mouthwashes which contain chlorhexidine or special mouthwashes combating bad breath

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