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After a tooth extraction

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After a tooth extraction

After a tooth extraction

Eating  Do not eat anything until you can feel the numbed site again. On the surgery day and the next few days, please eat only soft foods. Do not strain the treated site while chewing. The first week after surgery, do not smoke or drink alcohol.

Pain  When the numbness subsides, the wound may start to hurt. In emergency, you can take painkillers such as Ibuprofen or Paracetamol. However, if strong pain arises 1-3 days after, please contact us.

Rinsing  Frequent rinsing or sucking on the treated site is bad for the wound. Rinse your mouth with boiled water only after meals, you can add some salt or chamomile solution.

Teeth  Brush your teeth regularly (three times a day), treat the wound site very carefully.

Bleeding  If postoperative bleeding occurs, place a gauze bandade or a clean cloth on the wound and bite on it. Do not lay down. Stay upright until the bleeding stops. However, if it doesn’t stop after half an hour, contact our practice or the emergency service found in the daily paper. Do not spit out or rinse!

Swelling  Cool the wound site for a few hours applying a moist cloth to your cheek.

Do not warm the treated area!

Driving  Please consider that you are not fit enough to drive a vehicle especially if you took some medicine.

Swab If your dentist placed a swab on the wound, bite on it for about one hour. Then, remove or spit it out.


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