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Our motto

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Our main ambition is your bright and relaxed smile.

Dear patient!
A successful treatment requires a relaxed and trustful atmosphere in the practice. That is why my team and I dedicate time to inform you about various treatment options and modern techniques. Comprehensive advice, prophylaxis and prevention are our motto. Our British, French, Italian and Spanish patients are welcome in our practice, too.

You can find us in the very heart of the old Schwabing between the U-Bahn stations Josephsplatz and Hohenzollernplatz. Our practice is only a short walk away. My team and I are glad to offer you an appointment from Monday morning to Friday afternoon. Ask us if you wish an appointment beyond our opening hours.

Our main concern is the health of your teeth for the lifetime. Our services include regular individual prophylaxis, professional dental cleaning, Airflow, fluoridation, tooth sealing, oral hygiene advise, caries and saliva tests. All this is essential to maintain healthy teeth for your lifetime.

We also offer aesthetic treatments, corrections of small defects or discoloured teeth. We are glad to inform you about various treatment possibilities.
Our services include:
- individual prophylaxis and professional dental cleaning, Airflow, fluoridation, polishing.
- gentle bleaching with proved and tested materials under medical supervision in our practice. No teeth sensivity after treatment.
- ceramic layers, veneers or tooth re-shaping with plastic sheets in only one sitting.
- correction of small malocclusions with transparent splints fabricated in our laboratory. Crowded or crooked teeth can be corrected gently and invisibly.
- tooth-coloured fillings made of plastic or ceramics. They are cemented to the tooth and not distinguishable from natural teeth.
-dental implants. Missing teeth? No problem! Implants, i.e. artificial tooth roots, can replace individual teeth and rows of teeth as well. Then, permanent crowns or bridges can be bonded onto these artificial roots. They can also be used to carry removable dentures.

- Root canal treatments with the newest devices such as surgical microscope, special preparation and filling techniques allow to save the teeth even in difficult cases.
- digital x-ray, minimal radiation exposure, images directly available, can be sent via e-mail.

Your children are welcome in our practice, too. Our everyday services include dental treatments for children as well.

Before planning the treatment, we will comprehensively advise you considering your wishes and inform you about alternative options. It is important to calculate potential risks and to consider the patient’s financial situation.

We are glad to welcome you in our dental practice in Munich-Schwabing.