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All around, all around - brushing your teeth is healthy

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The dental examination focuses on children who are cared for at home and do not go to a kindergarten.

However, children who are looked after by others also benefit from the dental prevention programme.
In the dental early detection examinations, parents should be sensitized to take the oral and dental care of their children seriously. At the same time, parents are qualified to teach children about dental care in a stress-free manner right from the start.

In our dental practice in Schwabing the care of children is of great importance. Not least because, as a multilingual dental practice, we can also advise families for whom German is a foreign language.

How to prepare your child for a visit to the dentist can be found in 5 languages on the website of our practice in Munich.

Most parents know that child dental care is not always easy.

Especially in the autonomy phase, when the child wants to do everything itself, the cleaning of the parents can lead to conflicts. In the early detection examination, parents are given tips on how to avoid such conflicts, how to brush children's teeth properly and how to introduce the child to the topic of oral hygiene in a playful way.

At least three visits to the dentist until school age.

The children's dental check-up program consists of three dental examinations. The first visit to the dentist should take place as early as the 2nd year of life. The two follow-up examinations are carried out up to the age of 6 with an interval of at least 12 months.

In addition to the examination and instruction of the parents, children between the ages of 6 and 33 months are entitled to a hardening of the enamel twice a calendar half-year. For this purpose, we apply fluoride as varnish or gel in the dentist's office. In this way, early childhood tooth decay can be avoided.

The topic of nutrition also plays an important role in the children's studies.

Parents should learn that sweets and sweetened drinks promote dental diseases such as tooth decay. Researchers and dentists generally recommend a sugar-free morning and a conscious, moderate consumption of sweets.

Parents should become experts in children's teeth.

Who would like itself further Tipps for stress-free tooth brushing to get, we recommend the Youtubekanal tooth brushing magic (available in German). Beside the toothbrush song (inclusive text, also in Turkish and Arabic), many interesting videos are offered approximately around the topic dental care.

Further information to the precaution program and concrete Putztipps (medical language) find you in the scientific paper of ZM on-line in German available.

We look forward to supporting you and your children in Munich on the subject of dental care.