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Alexandra Beau, your dentist Munich Schwabing

Dear patients,
starting 1st April 2020,  you will find my team  and me  in the rooms of the dental practice  Dental Team  Dr. Jan Hajtó , Brienner Straße 7. 

The dental practice of Dr. Hajto and colleagues has maintained an excellent reputation for many years. Therefore, I am really  looking forward to treating you with my team at Brienner Straße 7.

Same services at a new location.

We will  have seven  dentists with different specialties working in this  practice. 
As usual, I will take care of you in acute cases and preventive treatments. 
My passion remains aesthetic dentistry and especially the treatment with aligners.
In addition to German I am fluent in English, French, Spanish and Italian. The other team members also have an international background, covering the same languages as well as Russian.

We are looking forward to seeing you in a new place,

sincerely yours

Alexandra Beau and the entire team

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Where do my toothaches come from?

In addition to tooth decay, periodontitis is a common cause. The root inflammations resulting from the diseases are already accompanied by more severe pain. Your dentist in Munich Schwabing should clarify the exact cause of your pain.

Inflamed wisdom teeth can also cause unpleasant pain. Your toothache could come from exposed tooth necks. This is referred to as pain-sensitive teeth. The effects of heat or cold, but also pressure, produce a short but sharp pain.

Broken crowns, broken fillings or a broken tooth, but also root canal treatments can cause pain. However, toothache does not always mean dental disease. Diseases such as shingles or sinusitis can cause toothache.

It is important to make an appointment with your dentist in Schwabing as soon as possible for any kind of toothache.  

What is the reason for sensitive teeth?

In technical jargon, pain-sensitive teeth are referred to as dentin hypersensitivity. This is a fitting description. Dentin describes the dentin bone. It contains the finest nerve branches. If these are exposed, the dreaded pain flashes occur.

Exposed dentin usually begins at the necks of the teeth. Due to the wrong tooth brushing technique (scrubbing), the gums can recede. Excessive stress, such as grinding the teeth, has the same effect.  Untreated periodontitis is often to blame for gum loss. In order to prevent this, regular check-ups at your dentist in Munich are essential.

If you notice pain in your teeth caused by heat or cold, you should make an appointment immediately. A dental treatment in Schwabing in the form of sealings, tooth neck fillings or a treatment with occlusal splints can provide relief.

What can I do about bad breath?

Unpleasant bad breath is primarily caused by bacteria in the mouth. These multiply due to incorrect or inadequate oral hygiene. This includes not only brushing the teeth, but also cleaning the tongue and the interdental spaces.

The use of dental floss, interdental brushes and mouthwash should therefore take place at least once a day. Regular professional tooth cleaning in Schwabing can have a positive effect on your oral hygiene. Untreated caries or periodontitis can also cause bad breath.

If you suffer from diabetes mellitus or a dry mouth, this can also trigger the unpleasant smell. To find the exact cause of your bad breath, make an appointment with your dentist in the centre of Munich.

How can I whiten my teeth?

Every person has a different tooth colour. It is normal for your teeth not to flash in bright white. To whiten your teeth a little, there are special toothpastes in the drugstore department. Cleaning your teeth also brightens them a little, as all plaque is removed without leaving any residue.

If you want to go one step further, you have the option of bleaching your teeth in Munich. There are various articles for bleaching at home. These require patience and perseverance and should be discussed with your dentist in advance. If you choose bleaching in Schwabing directly from your dentist, not only a professional whitening, but also the constantly monitored health of your teeth is given.

What are the alternatives to braces?

A cheaper alternative to fixed braces is the so-called Aligner. The invisible braces can be used for minor malpositions and produce the same results. A treatment of this kind can take between three and nine months. Whether you are eligible for Aligner in Munich Schwabing is best discussed directly with your dental practice.

Aligners are made very thinly with the help of a computer. The Aligner splints are usually worn for a period of two weeks until the next size is changed. Aligners are removed like loose braces for eating and cleaning. This is one of the great advantages of the transparent splints. 

Before deciding on orthodontic treatment, your competent dentist in Schwabing will give you comprehensive advice on aligner treatment in Munich.

When and how often should I brush my teeth?

It would be best to clean your teeth after every meal. However, you should clean them at least twice a day. Once a day you should clean the gaps with dental floss or interdental brushes.

In the course of a professional tooth cleaning in Schwabing, the correct tooth brushing technique will be explained to you in more detail. We strongly advise you not to brush your teeth immediately after eating. The consumption of various foods attacks the protective enamel. If you brush your teeth at this time, the enamel will be abraded. Therefore a later time is recommended. The human body needs about half an hour to neutralize the acids.

Make an appointment for dental cleaning in Schwabing and find out more interesting details.

Is root canal treatment painful?

A root canal treatment in Schwabing is no longer painful. Meanwhile, the modern local anaesthetics from your dentist in Munich are so well developed that treatment without pain is possible. With this form of anaesthesia, the tooth in question and the surrounding tissue are anaesthetised. Before the actual dental treatment in Schwabing, the competent team checks the effect of the anaesthetic.

Local anaesthesia may only have a limited effect in the case of highly inflamed teeth. After the end of the root canal treatment in Schwabing, slight pain is to be expected, which, however, can be overcome very well with the help of painkillers. 

When and how quickly does plaque form?

Within 24 hours, plaque forms from food remains and bacteria. It can only be removed with a toothbrush and silk. Plaque often develops in parts of the mouth that are difficult to access. This is where tartar forms, which in turn can trigger tooth decay and periodontitis.

During a dental cleaning in Munich, plaque and tartar are completely removed. In order to preserve your white teeth in Munich, it is necessary to remove plaque as completely as possible and prevent tartar. This can be supported by a healthy diet. Also the half-yearly tooth cleaning at your dentist in Schwabing is a necessary prophylaxis.  

How does tooth decay develop?

Caries is caused by the combination of food residues, bacteria and time spent in the mouth. A whitish yellow film develops on the teeth - plaque. This is not water-soluble and can only be removed by brushing your teeth. Plaque contains bacteria that release acid through their digestive process. The acid eats through the enamel. Holes appear which are generally referred to as caries.

Would you like to prevent this and preserve your white teeth in Munich? Regular prophylaxis by your trusted dentist is indispensable for this. Make an appointment directly online with your dentist in Munich. 

How is a tooth constructed?

The top layer of each tooth is the enamel. Tooth enamel is the hardest substance that exists in the human body. Despite this, it is not indestructible. Extreme damage can be caused by a sugar-containing diet and incorrect or inadequate oral hygiene.
Schema of a tooth
Underneath the enamel is the dentin, the so-called dentin. This forms another protective layer around the heart of the tooth. The pulp houses the nerves and blood vessels. A tooth is divided into three parts. The crown above the gums, the neck of the tooth and the root. Human teeth have different numbers of roots. These are about twice as long as the crown.  

What can I do about my fear of going to the dentist?

Unfortunately, there is no panacea to overcome your fear of the dentist. However, you can alleviate them by informing yourself well in advance. Find out about evaluations and experiences. Build trust. You are welcome to bring a motivating companion with you to possible treatments.

In the field of homeopathy there are some aids that have a calming effect. As a rule, remedies such as Chamomilla or Argentum nitricum can be taken without hesitation. Treatment under general anaesthesia or sedation is also possible. There are specialized surgeries.

It is particularly important that you talk about your anxiety! Your dental practice in Schwabing is trained for such cases and can help you. At best, make an appointment directly online with your dentist in Munich.

What types of implants exist?

There are many different types of implants on the market today. These are constantly being improved and revised. The shapes range from basal, screw, blade to hollow cylinder implants.

If you need implants in Munich, you can choose from a variety of materials. There is titanium, ceramic and recently zirconium dioxide, although ceramic is more expensive. Titanium is currently preferred because it grows well with the bone and provides a stable implant with the greatest long-term experience. Which implants are best for you in Munich can be discussed individually with your dentist in Schwabing.